Certified quality of GWS systems

12 October 2017

The commercialisation of according to law systems represents for GWS a must regarding consumer even earlier than a legal duty. That’s why we payed particular attention to the legal update in treatment water area for the human waste, regularly testing our systems on safety and function.

Come tutti i materiali che vengono in contatto con prodotti alimentari, anche quelli che compongono impianti destinati al trattamento acque potabili devono rispondere a precisi requisiti di sicurezza in termini di rilascio di componenti.

As every material which get in touch with alimentar products, also systems for drinkable water treatment ones must be tested for terms of component release. The conditions required by law are aimed to avoid the alteration reguarding taste, physical conditions, chemical and bacteriological too, acting to protect the consumer for a safe and better water.

The evidence of supply required by law on GWS systems were made by the external certified laboratory Accredia that took care to verify the global and specific migration in water of planned substances releasing the certification required.
The declaration of conformity of our implants at DM 17/2004 shows that all the components thereof are safe and don’t alter the quality of the water at the contact.

That means, for example, that in our implants for UV disinfection the stainless steel, quartz girdles and the gaskets complies with law requires and that in our pre coat Water Pro filters all the connectors, tubes, o-rings and valves made of different plastic materials can get in touch with the water totally safety.

All informations about systems certifications are available by request