UV Spider, the solution to bacterial charge you were waiting for

8 November 2017

What’s UV Spider

The device with LED technology UV SPIDER, designed and manufactured by GWS, is made in Italy and designed for the sector of water treatment at the point of use and to be installed in new or existing water dispensers.

The SPIDER system combines the innovative LED light technology with the germicidal power of UV-C. The bacteriostatic effect is due to the absorption capacity of the radiation in the range of 200-300 nm of bacterial DNA, that’s why the UV light emitted by “SPIDER” LEDs is so effective with its wavelenght of 275nm.

The UV Spider is a barrier for 99.99% of pathogenic microorganisms that can often contaminate water and filtration devices, such as Giardia, Cryptosporidium and Pseudomonas.

Providing a water dispenser with a UV SPIDER means keeping away the risk of bacterial contamination from the system and having more guarantees in the delivery of water microbiologically complying with the law parameters.

How works the UV Spider

Come funziona UV Spider

The UV SPIDER system can supply, with direct current, 1, 3 or 5 UV sources, which can be easy installed in few minutes.

LED devices are housed in special TEFLON connectors, a plastic material suitable for contact with drinking water and permeable to UV radiation. The connectors, designed to hold up to two UV sources, can have different geometries and be compatible with any JG hydraulic fitting, this allows quick insertion at several points of any existing system.

The extended action of UVC light emitted by LEDs performs a very effective microbial action, protects the system from bacterial retro-contamination phenomena and contributes to the delivery of water complying with the law parameters.

Why choose UV Spider

Technical features

Power supply 24 V
Power consumption (1 LED plate) 1,4 W
Operating time 50.000 hours/6 years
Wavelenght – UVC 275 nm
UV radiation (1 LED plate) 100 microW/cm2

The device complies with the RoHs, CE and DM 174/2004 compliance requirements.

Available UV Spider configurations

UV Spider can adapt to any type of system requirement thanks to the many possible configurations.

The device can be provided with 1, 3 or 5 UV sources and various types of connectors with different fittings and a variable number of LEDs (2 or 4).

Available configurations for UV sources

5 UV sources 5 UV sources
3 UV sources 3 UV sources
1 UV source 1 UV source

Available connector types

Connector type Code Sketch
Teflon connector 6 mm tube ULS.001.006.006 Teflon connector 6 mm tube
Teflon connector 8 mm tube ULS.001.008.008 Teflon connector 8 mm tube
Teflon connector 8 mm m/f tube ULS.002.008.008 Teflon connector 8 mm m/f tube
Teflon connector 1/4” f/f ULS.003.014.014 Teflon connector 1/4” f/f
Teflon connector 1/4”f – 8mm tube – 90° ULS.004.008.014 Teflon connector 1/4”f –  8mm tube – 90°
Teflon connector 8 mm f/f ULS.005.008.008 Teflon connector 8 mm f/f

Available LEDs for connectors

1 plate (2 LEDs) 1 plate (2 LEDs)
2 plates (4 LEDs) 2 plates (4 LEDs)

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