Should we trust E-MEM membranes? That’s our test

25 September 2017

Quality checks on product: E-MEM membranes for reverse osmosis

GWS regularly submit all his products to high quality checks on systems and components which are selected by sampling. The E-MEM membranes for reverse osmosis are no exception.

The performance of a reverse osmosis system can change depending on membranes’ benefits which, at the same time, depend on the following parameters:

Permeated production of a system can resulte very different because of different parameters typical of water and operative condition.
In this test we have verified the performance of some E-MEM membranes 2012-150 GPD, normally employed in treatment devices at the point of use of water. We have tested 12 membranes, owned as many lots. The new membranes have been fluxed for 1 minute, so powered by net water (conductivity 105 microS/cm, T= 66.2°F), not filtered, to several pressure (P) and the flux of each one has been misured (Q).

Results of E-MEM membrane test

The result of the test are the following:

our test on E-MEM membrane

  • Permeated inodor, colourless, tasteless
  • Permeated conductivity = 7 microS/cm (T = 66.2°F)
  • reiezione salina media sul contenuto salino totale = 93%
  • Medium production of 12 membranes to several pressures:
    • P1 = 5 bar – Q = 0,45 L/min
    • P2 = 8 bar – Q = 0,72 L/min
    • P3 = 10 bar – Q = 0,92 L/min

The test showed the E-MEM membranes 2012-150 GPD effectiveness and the operative compliance with technical data.

The performance can change as time goes by and the progressive blockage of the filtrating elements happen with a speed that depend on how much and how the membrane worked, i.e on operative parameters before mentioned.
However it is clear that the E-MEM membranes are confirmed as a high quality product, reliable and with good performance.